Great Moments in Indigenous History

Northland Secondary College Koori Kids Beat Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett - 1996

Northland victory poster
original artwork by Eban Roach 1996

In 1993 the newly elected Liberal Government in Victoria, led by controversial Premier Jeff Kennett, arbitrarily decided to close 300 of the State's schools. One of the schools to go was to be Northland Secondary College, which had the highest indigenous student population of any secondary school in Victoria.

The students and parents decided to resist with a marathon struggle in the community and the courts. They ultimately emerged victorious when the full bench of the Supreme Court ordered the Government to re-open Northlands S.C. in 1996.

Of the 300 schools closed by Kennett, today only one survives...Northland Secondary College. The above poster was designed during the 3 year struggle by on of the Koori students, Eban Roach, and became a symbol of the students' victory.

Jeff Kennett was voted out of office last year and, in a bizarre twist, has become an advocate of greater public awareness of depression.

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