"There is no greater sorrow on earth than the loss of one's native land." - Euripides 431 B.C.
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National Aboriginal Art Award Winner 2003 - Tribute Site

Photographer Juno Gemes Exhibition - "PROOF"

Keith Windshuttle's Website

Timeline of Aboriginal resistance, 1790-1997

Macolm X Museum

Bad News: The Noam Chomsky Archive

On the Art of Stealing Human Rights - Native American article

Australian Anarchist and Syndicalist History Links

The Films and Writing of John Pilger

The papers of Charles Perkins

"Different Perspectives on Black Armband History" - An essay

Tarantula Web-cam, Melbourne Museum

Peter Rotumah's Aboriginal Australia

An interesting African-American site with essays on Australia

Gough Whitlam's Vincent Lingiari Memorial Lecture

Marlo Morgan Exposé - Dumbartung Aboriginal Corp

Media Watch - ABC-TV

Inside Story | Current affairs and culture

Know the Enemy: Noel Pearson on Wikipedia

Legendary Koori Political Activist the late Bruce McGuinness' Website

National Indigenous Times newspaper

Raylene the Racist - ABC-TV

Foundation for Aboriginal & Islander Research Action (faira)

International Aboriginal Links

Yarrabah Aboriginal Community

Frontier Website

Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation

ABC Indigenous Online

David Langsam's tribute page to Lin Onus

An interesting collection of mainstream Native Title stuff.

Smart Street Films
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