"There is no greater sorrow on earth than the loss of one's native land." - Euripides 431 B.C.
The Koori History Newspaper Archive
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Blacks tell it like it should have been - Age 1st February 1993
Aboriginal Art Takes Off in Europe's Salons Financial Review 26th April 1993
Black Art Arrives in London- Sydney Morning Herald 27th July 1993
Dreamtime Boom Time - Financial Review 7th November 1993
Songlines across Europe - Age 3rd June 1994
A Snub for Aboriginal Art - Sydney Morning Herald 5th August 1994
Cologne Sees The Light on Aboriginal Art- Sydney Morning Herald 26th September 1994
Self-destruction? - Age 2nd March 1995
A canvas legacy - Age 13th April 1995
History favours a Native Title compromise - Courier Mail 1st January 1998
Party tried to block laws aiding Aborigines - Courier Mail 1st January 1998
A year of cultural indecision - Courier Mail 1st January 1998
State refused Aborigines basic wage - Courier Mail 2nd January 1998
Wik past catches up / New row set for High Court - Sydney Daily Telegraph 2nd January 1998
We lost Wik war: Fischer - Adelaide Advertiser 3rd January 1998
Retreat from RIGHTS - by Gatjil Djerrkura Australian 3rd January 1998
Land rights rush likely - Adelaide Advertiser 5th January 1998
Miners point to Wik bill: $30bn and counting - Australian 7th January 1998
Heat on PM over Canada's apology - Hobart Mercury 9th January 1998
Canada ignites native title row - Adelaide Advertiser 9th January 1998
Reconciliation needs more than a gesture - Australian 9th January 1998
Bush Queen Focused on Inequality - Australian 9th January 1998
The Dream WeaversSydney Morning Herald 10th January 1998
Dumb politics wins the day - by Marcia Langton Sydney Morning Herald 20th March 1998
Decline and fall of a worthy compromise - by Noel Pearson Australian 3rd July 1998
Cold light of dawn dims Pearson's view - Australian 3rd July 1998
Rare smile breaks traditional routine - Courier Mail 4th July 1998
Sharp Bite, Still Healing - Australian 9th August 1998
Pearson rallies vote for Democrats - Australian 14th September 1998
Race misses starter's gun as election theme - Australian 17th September 1998
Faint heart never won Fair dealSydney Morning Herald 20th November 1998
THE MAN WHO CHANGED AUSTRALIA - Courier Mail 16th January 1999
Yorta Yorta to pursue land claim - Australian 27th January 1999
Pain but no gain for Aborigines in Pearson's posture - Australian 11th May 1999
Cape crusader - Australian 17th July 1999
New leaders, new ideas now essential - Australian 14th August 1999
Aboriginal policies hampered by fear of change - Australian 23rd August 1999
Discrimination is unacceptable - by Noel Pearson Australian 31st August 1999
Look back on anger - Courier Mail 9th October 1999
Clear-run pledge for Pearson plan - Courier Mail 30th October 1999
The man in the middle - Courier Mail 6th November 1999
Communities crippled by playing costly politics - Courier Mail 27th November 1999
Serious Aboriginal issues will prevail - Courier Mail 4th December 1999
No Compromise - Australian 18th December 1999
Clark's mob rule - Courier Mail 27th December 1999
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