Argus (Melbourne, Vic.), Tuesday 19 June 1945, page 13

National Library of Australia




Aborigines . . 2.1 6.4 13.6 15.10 (100)

Northcote ... 7.7 10.12 10.12 14.15 (99)


Nearly 300 was raised for the Gore Street Mission from an entertaining match at Northcote yesterday between Northcote and a team of aborigines, led by former League star, Doug Nicholls.


After having lagged in the first half the aborigines played a brilliant third term to score. 44 points to nil and take the lead. In an exciting last quarter the lead changed repeatedly, but the aborigines played desperately to hold a one point lead in a hectic finish.


Skill was shown by F. Walker, whose brilliant marks and clever position play enabled him to kick eight goals for the winners, and spectacular marks by Nelson. T. Muir, and J. Murray earned applause.




J, Murray, F. Walker, D. Nicholls, Nelson, N. Young, C. and M. Charles, T. Muir, H. Edwards, Buck.


Mcintosh, Carnie, Rush, Ballantyne, Olver, Morgan, Gale.



Aborigines: F. Walker 8, K. Walker 3, M. Charles 2, A. Young,

T. Muir.

Northcote: N. Carnie 4, Gale 3. Rush 2, Morgan, Mcintosh,

Stafford, Ballantyne, Kerwin.


Attendance 6,000.

Gate 280.