"There is no greater sorrow on earth than the loss of one's native land." - Euripides 431 B.C.
The Koori History Newspaper Archive
Notice: These pages are being updated during January - May 2011
White Out - Sydney Morning Herald- 19th February 2000
Professor walks out - Daily Telegraph- 9th May 2000
The sorry state of reconciliation - Age- 25th may 2000
First reconciliation, then comes a treaty - Age- 6th June 2000
Thomson's treaty - Age- 28th June 2000
Tough talk - Sydney Morning Herald- 19th August 2000
Poor Queen, my country - Sydney Morning Herald- 25th March 2000
No shame, much gain - Australian- 21st October 2000
The People's Museum - Australian- 21st October 2000
Northern Territory's abuses `have led to apartheid' - Sydney Morning Herald- 30th October 2000
Surge in support for treaty with Aborigines - Sydney Morning Herald- 8th November 2000
Where do we go from here? - RECONCILIATION - Age- 9th December 2000
Greater focus on our first people - Indigenous studies - Australian- 13th December 2000

Cross-cultural consideration - Australian- 21st February 2001
Sniffing proposal `too little, too late' - Australian- 22nd February 2001
Black graft endemic, ATSIC told - Australian- 27th March 2001
Aboriginal head hits back at claims of corruption cover-up - Age- 28th March 2001
Wealth not welfare - Sydney Morning Herald- 6th April 2001
Latte left-wingers out of touch with Aboriginal needs, activist says - Age- 16th April 2001
Private school fees are protection against racism: black leader - Australian- 19th April 2001
Racism spans the state and private divide - Age- 20th April 2001
Private school elite makes public enemies - Sydney Morning Herald- 21st April 2001
Private choice of education provokes public race debate - Sydney Morning Herald- 23rd April 2001
Ignorance of indigenous initiatives - Australian- 25th April 2001
Found, albeit overseas: an audience that hungers for Aboriginal drama - Sydney Morning Herald- 3rd August 2001
The Future of History - Age- 22nd September 2001

Mabo: a moral crisis festers - Age- 27th May 2002
Reflections on the legacy of Eddie Koiki Mabo - NATIVE TITLE - Age- 1st June 2002
Much work to do, but let's give thanks for decision that's part of the landscape - Sydney Morning Herald- 3rd June 2002
Ten years after Mabo, Aborigines seek a new way - Age- 4th June 2002
Reconcilable differences - Age 19th June 2002
Aborigines trapped by work-for-dole scheme: Langton - Sydney Morning Herald- 5th October 2002
Is it altruism or the fear of losing their marbles? - Sydney Morning Herald 28th December 2002.
Landscapes in blood - Sydney Morning Herald- 14th December 2002
Fabrication fury but the rest is history - Courier Mail- 28th December 2002

Lawyer joins mentor at teaching's top - Australian 8th January 2003
British Columbia Apologizes to Its Indians - New York Times - 12th February 2003.
Aboriginal activist refused entry to US - Australian 20th February 2003
US urges visa care after Langton refused entry - Australian 21st February 2003
MP lashed for hate tactic - Age- 18th March 2003
A Hot Commodity With a 30,000-Year Lineage - New York Times - 24th April 2003.
Dreaming no more - Australian 7th June 2003
On Road to Change - Daily Telegraph- 23rd June 2003
Charting the moves for justice - Sydney Morning Herald- 9th July 2003
Visions in black and white - Age- 9th August 2003
Bones of contention - Globe Mail Canada 16th August 2003.
Pioneer of Aboriginal rights remembered - Age- 13th September 2003
Black elder's quest for dignity and justice - Age- 2nd October 2003
Ancestral bone bank at center of rights fight - Taipei Times 12th October 2003.
Activism's Dying Embers - Hobart Mercury- 18th October 2003
Canada's Indians Pondering How to Invest Land Payouts - New York Times - 6th November 2003.

Aborigines riot in anger at boy's death - Age 16th February 2004
Gallery of Pics of Redfern Confrontations - 16th February 2004
Probes into Redfern riots, death - Australian 16th February 2004
Three inquiries into boy's death - 17th February 2004
Battle-scarred Redfern on a knife edge - 17th February 2004
The Australian Black leaders lay the blame on politicians - 17th February 2004
Aborigines' Protest in Sydney Leaves 40 Injured - New York Times - 17th February 2004.
Predictable Latham slams parents over riot - 19th February 2004
Redfern youth was being chased, witness claims - 19th February 2004
Dodson fury on black health - 19th February 2004
Latham, PM, Ridgeway buy into riot, parenting - 20th February 2004
Flip-Flop Latham vows stolen generation apology - 21st February 2004
TJ's life played out in the 'dead zone' - 21st February 2004
Foley gives "Boofhead" Latham a Serve - 31st March 2004
Foley and Huggins ABC Radio National Speaking Out Programme Interview transcript - 18th April 2004
Aborigines Say Australia Pushes Their Plight to Sideline - New York Times -18th April 2004.
Australia's Aborigines - New York Times -23rd April 2004.
Djerrkura - Aboriginal leader, dies at Nhulunbuy, NT - 26th May 2004.
Regressive Politics In Australia - New York Times -14th June 2004.
Mike Mansell Slams Pearson AND Brennan - 17th June 2004.
Aborigines clash with scientists over bones - Marsha Stewart 20th June 2004
Coroner's inquest into death of TJ Hickey - 5th July 2004.
Inquest into death of TJ Hickey - 5th July 2004.
Day two of Hickey inquest - 6th July 2004.
Inquest continues into death of TJ Hickey - 12th July 2004.
Inconsistencies in evidence on TJ Hickey's death - 13th July 2004.
Conflicting police reports emerge at Hickey inquest - 15th July 2004.
Hickey Inquest - NSW Govt boosts resources for Redfern police - 16th July 2004.
Minister weighs in to artefacts stoush- ABC - 20th July 2004.
Row erupts over Aboriginal artefacts - London Guardian 22nd July 2004
Aborigines grab art on loan from Britain - London Times26th July 2004.
British museums up in arms after Aborigines grab loaned art - Classic FM Washington 26th July 2004.
Australian Tribes Seek Return of Native Artefacts - The Scotsman 26th July 2004
Tussle over 'loaned' art - News 24 - 26th July 2004
British museums spar with Aborigines over loaned art - The Peninsula Qatar 27th July 2004.
Crown Jewels Down Under - Circa.com UK 27th July 2004
Countries battle over artefacts - BBC News 27th July 2004
British museums up in arms after Aborigines grab loaned art - Sydney Morning Herald 27th July 2004.
Aboriginal group ups ante on artefacts - AAP 29th July 2004.
Taking Aim at Hunter Gatherer England - The Age Saturday 31st July 2004
Drug squad swoops on the Block - 31st July 2004.
Minister weighs in to artefacts stoush - ABC July 2004.
Millions lost from land grants - 31st July 2004.
The British Museum Dispute - A Predictable Response from Andrew ("Just an Excitable Boy") Bolt - 4th August 2004.
NIC claims false, leaked cabinet document reveals - National Indigenous Times 8th November 2004
Trial set in Aboriginal etchings dispute - AAP 10th November 2004
Indigenous payments may be linked to behaviour - ABC Radio 11th November 2004
Vanstone announces ATSIC replacement - National Indigenous Times 11th November 2004
ALP announces new black shadow... its sixth in two years - NIT 11th November 2004
Indigenous paper to dish more dirt - AAP 12th November 2004
Long walk sets PM a challenge - Herald Sun 21st November 2004
Legend's Long march to PM's door - Australian 23rd November 2004
Islanders riot over death in custody - Age 27th November 2004
Nine arrests for island riot - Age 28th November 2004
Outrage over black prison deaths - Age 30th November 2004
Payback warning over Palm Island - Age 1st December 2004
Youths say man meted out noose punishment - Age 2nd December 2004
Black leaders warn police to stay away from funeral - 2nd December 2004
Now for the humiliation of Aborigines - Kim Carr Age 2nd December 2004
Uneasy truce comes to Palm Island - Age 3rd December 2004
Two charged on noose claims - Age 3rd December 2004
Black leaders offer new accord - Australian 4th December 2004
Long Walk over, longer journey ahead - Australian 4th December 2004
'Give us some hope' - Age 4th December 2004
A force for her people - Age 4th December 2004
New hope for indigenous AustraliansEditorial - Courier Mail 6th December 2004
Indigenous leaders respond to land rights overhaul - ABC Radio 6th December 2004
New Indigenous body to meet - ABC Radio - AM 6th December 2004
Pat Dodson Sells Out - Australian 7th December 2004
Mick Mansell's Response to Dodson Sell-out - Age 7th December 2004
Recriminations fly as accused face funeral ban - Sydney Morning Herald 7th December 2004
"Burn, you dogs": alleged taunt as station torched - Courier Mail 7th December 2004
A new indigenous politics Paul Kelly - Australian 8th December 2004
Govt 'gag' on indigenous advisers - Age 8th December 2004
The trouble with Keith Windschuttle Gerard Henderson - The Age 8th December 2004
Greek and Aboriginal communities unite against British Museum - Neos Kosmos:English Edition - 13th December 2004
Black apology on Premier's lips - Australian 15th December 2004
Editorial: Stark numbers on black deaths - Australian 16th December 2004
Mother and daughter face court over Palm Island riot - Courier Mail 16th December 2004
'Racist' officers favour white tenants - Australian 16th December 2004
Clark may pay for Yanner - Courier Mail 18th December 2004
Activist remains defiant - Courier Mail 18th December 2004
Clark on holiday as fare row grows - Courier Mail 20th December 2004
Redfern Coalition of Aboriginal organisations to resist forcible acquisition of The Block - ABC 20th December 2004
Clark backflips over purchase of Yanner's air ticket - Courier Mail 21st December 2004
Statement from Michael Mansell - 23rd December 2004
Indigenous affairs back on agenda - The Age 25th December 2004

PIC investigates NSW rural police misconduct - AM - ABC Radio 14th January 2005
Pearson named 'Australian of the Year' - The Australian 15th January 2005
A bone to pick with museums - Times Online 16th January 2005
Tovey or not Tovey - Age 16th January 2005
Doomadgee had reading of 0.29 - The Australian 7th February 2005
Mother tells of son's injuries - The Age 8th February 2005
Police 'bash victim' too weak to eat - The Age 9th February 2005
Senator Amanda Vanstone - Address to National Press Club - 23rd February 2005
Reconciliation a building block by prominent Aboriginal assimilation advocate Noel Pearson - 19th April 2005
Plan to get black kids into training - 22nd April 2005
Joh was no statesman Phillip Adams - 26th April 2005
Black responsibility deals 'no miracle' The Australian - 16th May 2005
Howard Pledge on Race Relations The Age - 30th May 2005
Workshop finds minister hard to reconcile - The Age 31st May 2005
"A Nation Dispossessed" by Pat Dodson - The Age - 31st May 2005
NT politics targets public drinking ABC Radio AM program - 1st June 2005
Pearson backs Howards approach to Indigenous affairs Transcript of The Insiders - ABC-TV - 5th June 2005
Pearson no Messiah: O'Donoghue The Australian - 6th June 2005
Aborigines clash over PM's words The Age - 6th June 2005
Boy jailed for an ice cream The Australian - 6th June 2005
Freeman concerned by poor state of Aboriginal health The Herald-Sun - 5th June 2005
Royalties divide Yunupingu family The Australian - 11th June 2005
Millions fund just four houses The Australian - 13th June 2005
Editorial: Yunupingu must account for cash The Australian - 14th June 2005
Labor and CLP in Northern Territory take hard line on anti-social behaviour ABC Radio AM program - 16th June 2005
Proposed anti-social laws in NT to make it tougher for long grassers ABC Radio AM program - 17th June 2005
Clare Martin defends anti-social behaviour laws ABC Radio AM program - 17th June 2005
Gulpilil angry at plan to jail drunks -The Age - 18th June 2005
Lost scandal amid NT election politicking The Age - 19th June 2005
Keeping it real Aboriginal The Australian - 20th June 2005
Cold comfort The Australian - 20th June 2005
The ugly ocker rears his racist head once more The Australian - 20th July 2005
Number of Aborigines in prison stuns activist Angela Davis The Age - 22nd July 2005
Costello embraces Pearson's radical reforms The Age - 22nd July 2005
Costello hears elders' despair over children The Age - 23rd July 2005
Aborigines back welfare overhaul The Age - 25th July 2005
Clash of cultures: Aboriginal leader rejects Pearson as 'new messiah' The Age - 30th July 2005
Irate Gulpilil loses licence The Age - 4th August 2005
Yunupingu plans own mine The Australian - 8th August 2005
Lawyers fail the native title test The Australian - 8th August 2005
The big picture, little dreaming The Australian - 15th August 2005
Yunupingu to face funding probe The Australian - 15th August 2005
Warren Mundine - Hope lies in the great Australian dream The Australian - 15th August 2005
David Gulpilil - A feather in his cap The Age - 20th August 2005
Gulpilil widens a cultural journey The Weekend Australian - 20th August 2005
The dollars and sense of SRA's just don't add up The National Indigenous Times - 1st September 2005
The winds of change at Papunya The Age - 4th September 2005
Indigenous art makes mark in city of light The Australian - 9th September 2005
Aborigines must change to survive: Mundine The Australian - 10th September 2005
Survey sparks indigenous funds row The Age - 12th September 2005
Leaving is the key to survival The Australian - 12th September2005
Crikey, the myths are getting bigger The National Indigenous Times - 16th September 2005
FLASH BLAK: Merv Bishop's life through words, music and photos The NIT - 16th September2005
Playing the race card - NZ Elections The Australian - 16th September 2005
Quiet revolution a silent disaster The National Indigenous Times - 16th September 2005
End near for Kalahari Bushmen The Australian - 18th September 2005
Helen Hughes: Policies entrench poverty The Australian - 23rd September 2005
Editorial: Putting people first The Australian - 26th September 2005
Ten reasons for not going into politics - Mark Latham The Age - 28th September 2005
Remote living 'no good for blacks' The Australian - 28th September 2005
Keith Windschuttle: Racist essay is from the Left, not the Right The Australian - 29th September 2005
NSWALC weighs in, Mundine weighs out? The NIT - 29th September 2005
The dark side of The Latham Diaries The National Indigenous Times - 29th September 2005
Warren Mundine: How to lose friends and influence people The NIT - 29th September 2005
ALP offers cautious support to land rights reforms The National Indigenous Times - 5th October 2005
New British laws allow Aboriginal remains to return The Age - 6th October 2005
Couple's rift exposes years of corruption The Sunday Age - 16th October 2005
Pearson calls for end to passive welfare - The Australian - 14th November 2005
No faith in charity The Australian - 19th November 2005
Terror laws threat to 'basic civil liberties' The Age - 5th December 2005
Educator backs push to lift Aboriginal schooling The Age - 6th December 2005
How Peter Costello became a Cape crusader The Age - 6th December 2005
Costello's welfare by Peter Costello The Age - 6th December 2005
MPs back Costello plan to redirect welfare pay The Age - 6th December 2005
Schooling for Kooris under fire The Age - 7th December 2005
Elders pass on songs in race to save languages The Age - 7th December 2005
The great American hypnosis by Harold Pinter The Age - 9th December 2005

Labor's great black hope - Australian - 1st January 2006
If Australia's history brings shame, then let it be uttered - The Age - 20yh January 2006
Aboriginal Leader Wants Gift Back - The Age - 21st January 2006
Stop whingeing, Mundine warns ALP - The Age - 30th January 2006
Brough's sister identifies as Aboriginal - Australian - 31st January 2006
Elders in court 'a more just system' - Australian - 6th February 2006
Libs play race card on beach stabbings - Australian - 6th February 2006
Gary Johns: The land rights initiative has failed - Australian - 7th February 2006
Cathy races to back ore project - Australian - 9th February 2006
Deadline on Pilbara ore project - Australian - 9th February 2006
Department did not verify Hillsong references - Australian - 15th February 2006
Aborigines quitting the public service - Australian - 16th February 2006
Hillsong Dumped Again - Australian - 17th February 2006
Black GST plan a protest camp at Commonwealth Games transcript- ABC-TV Stateline - 24th February 2006
Let the Empire Games begin with a royal makeover - Australian - 6th March 2006
No present without dark past - Australian - 11th March 2006
I thank God every night, says new Labor head - the Catholic Weekly - 12th March 2006
Without Cathy Freeman, Aborigines aren't in the race - The Age - 14th March 2006
Call for ACCC to investigate Aboriginal art industry - ABC Radio PM - 15th March 2006
Glimpse into history wars nets gold medal for literature- The Age - 15th March 2006
Memo: we're not all sharing in the common wealth - The Age - 17th March 2006
Minister's sister on the attack - Australian - 17th March 2006
Christopher Pearson: Shift in the right direction - Australian - 18th March 2006
Portrayal of Muslims 'tainted by racism'- The Age - 18th March 2006
Third of Aussies ignorant about Islam: survey- The Age - 20th March 2006
Business of blood lines- Australian - 20th March 2006
'No advances' in Aboriginal education- Australian - 24th March 2006
'Aborigine kids let down in classroom- Australian - 24th March 2006
URBAN CONNECTIONS- The Age - 28th March 2006
Aboriginal skeletons head home- Australian - 28th March 2006
Fine words but few deeds - by Wayne Atkinson - The Age - 10th April 2006
Domain campers face deadline - The Age - 10th April 2006
Protesters offered peace deal - The Age - 10th April 2006
Indigenous health 'a major problem' - The Age - 11th April 2006
Aboriginal campsite row gets hotter- transcript ABC Radio - 11th April 2006
Ferals run amok by Andrew Bolt - Melbourne Herald Sun - 12th April 2006
Soverignty Burns Within - Australian - 17th April 2006
Smoke and mirrors by Andrew Bolt - Melbourne Herald Sun - 19th April 2006
Keeping a flame for indigenous justice- The Age - 20th April 2006
New laws to douse sacred fire- Melbourne Herald Sun - 22nd April 2006
80,000 Native Canadians to Be Compensated for School Abuse - The New York Times - 27th April 2006
Stalked by a culture of misogyny - The Age - 22nd May 2006
The familiar echo of Aboriginal condemnation - The Age - 22nd May 2006
Rights of indigenous women and children must come first - The Age - 26thMay 2006
My dream of real reconciliation - The Age - 27thMay 2006
Shame and guilt no help to Wadeye - The Age - 28thMay 2006
Violence not confined to remote communities - The Age - 29thMay 2006
Aborigines need army: Mundine - Australian - 30th May 2006
Few Aboriginal communities can govern themselves - The Age - 21st June 2006
Black health 'horror' - Australian - 22nd June 2006
Don't listen to those who despise us - by Noel Pearson - The Age - 26th June 2006
The Rappers are Revolting - The Age - 1st July 2006
Christopher Pearson: Beware of a relapse, Noel - Australian - 1st July 2006
Aboriginal Embassy reunion: Fight's not yet gone out - The Canberra Times - 24th August 2006
Australian Court Rules That the City of Perth Belongs to Aborigines - The New York Times - 21st September 2006
* Noel Pearson: A mighty moral victory - The Australian - 23rd September 2006
Walking in two worlds - The Australian - 28th October 2006
DNA Gatherers Hit a Snag: The Tribes Don't Trust Them - The New York Times - 10th December 2006
Travesty on Palm Island - The Australian - 23rd December 2006

Stuck in a down town - Sydney Morning Herald - 26th February 2007
Stumbling Block for school plan - Sydney Morning Herald - 6th March 2007
Report calls for shake-up in Aboriginal housing - Age - 9th March 2007
Not just a black problem - Age - 17th March 2007
Drawing the line on ownership - Sydney Morning Herald - 7th April 2007
Essendon's indigenous revival - Age - 8th April 2007
Reclaiming the past can be personal - the Sydney Morning Herald - 9th April 2007
Fighting for a few more years - the Sydney Morning Herald - 14th April 2007
Conned, working in dirty, crowded rooms and paid a pittance: Aboriginal artists' raw deal exposed - Age - 14th April 2007
Justine Saunders: Aboriginal actress who broke stereotypes - Age - 17th April 2007
Alice camp plan rejected - Sydney Morning Herald - 19th April 2007
Uncle Kev's devotees celebrate credence for a clear water revivalist - Age - 21st April 2007
Mining boom 'classic case of colonisation' - the Sydney Morning Herald - 23rd April 2007
Get the work habit, says Indian chief - the Age - 27th April 2007
Fraser slams indigenous policy fiasco - the Sydney Morning Herald - 27th April 2007
Aboriginal health on the road to nowhere with unfunded policies - the Age - 27th April 2007
Tasmanians to fight UK unis over ancestors - the Sydney Morning Herald - 28th April 2007
Museum lawyers claim bias - the SydneyMorning Herald - 29th April 2007
Aborigines have to save themselves - Noel Pearson - the Age - 19th May 2007
'Nigger' stand to go but name persists - the Australian - 22nd May 2007
Indigenous benefits scheme branded demeaning - the Age - 22nd May 2007
After four decades, Aborigines still struggle to be heard - the Age - 22nd May 2007
Sexy, dangerous and up in lights - the Age - 22nd May 2007
Dodgy dreaming as parasites run free- by Marcia Langton - Australian - 25th May 2007
After 40 years, Pastor Nicholls' 'magic question' lingers - Age - 26th May 2007
Time to end our own apartheid Editorial - Australian - 26th May 2007
Poll led to 'apartheid-style regime' - Australian - 26th May 2007
Poll led to 'apartheid-style regime' - Australian - 26th May 2007
Up in arms over thin blue line - Australian - 26th May 2007
The image of a tragedy - Australian - 26th May 2007
No cause for celebration on Victoria's land rights record - the Age - 4th June 2007
Cape native title 'crusade' won - Australian - 8th June 2007
Colonial ways 'slaughtering' Aborigines - Australian - 8th June 2007
Police force fined over riot injuries - Australian - 8th June 2007
Noel Pearson "drunk with power", says NSW Land Council leader - AAP - 9th July, 2007
Pearson labelled arrogant and ignorant by TV boss - AAP - 31st July, 2007
NZ MP attacks Govt over 'racist military invasion' - ABC News - 8th August 2007
Far-Reaching Policy for Aborigines Draws Their Fury - The New York Times - 24th August 2007
Dodson attacks government's intervention in NT - AAP - September 12, 2007
Dodson lashes 'sinister intervention' The Australian - 13th September 2007
Yunupingu to hand over traditional land in 99-year lease - AAP - 19th September 2007
Australia tops list for vanishing languages - ABC News - 19th September 2007
Top leader now backs Territory intervention - Age - 20th September 2007
Galarrwuy Yunupingu considering setting up new elders' group - AAP - 20th September, 2007
Indigenous leader signs 99-year land lease to Govt - ABC-TV -The 7.70 Report - 20th September 2007
Top leader now backs Territory intervention - the Age - 20th September 2007
The challenge begins The Australian - 21st September 2007
Whose coup? Canberra and clan both celebrate a deal - The Age - 22nd September 2007
Yolngu elders want their own voice - AAP - 25th September, 2007
Indigenous leaders vent over Govt lease deals - ABC News - 26th September 2007
Inquest into 30 deaths 'a whitewash' The Australian - 1st October 2007
Fears visit by foreign reporters a whitewash The Sydney Morning Herald - 9th October 2007
Files reveal the silly, scary spies' eye-view of Aboriginal history - The Sydney Morning Herald - 5th November 2007
Labor accused of selling Cape down the river - The Australian - 14th November 2007
Noel Pearson's statement on Kevin Rudd - The Australian - 23rd November 2007
Indigenous leaders welcome defeat of Howard and Brough - AAP - 25th November, 2007
It's time to stop playing politics with vulnerable livesThe Sydney Morning Herald - 30th November 2007
Blame game ends here - The Australian - 15th December 2007
Queensland to roll out indigenous welfare reform trial - AAP - 21st December, 2007

Homes built on despair- The Australian - 5th January 2008
Incentives will bring top teachers - The Australian - 19th January 2008
Australia Says 'Sorry' to Aborigines for Mistreatment - The New York Times - 13th february 2008
Agendas of addiction - The Australian - 1st March 2008
Let's have fun, said some, and name a festival 'Up Your Bum' - The age - 8th March 2008
Journo fury at Aboriginal press curbs - The Australian - 20th March 2008
Forget a treaty, say Pearson, Yunupingu - The Australian - 25th April 2008
Bigotry makes us sick - The Canberra Times - 26th April 2008
From Apology, A Hit Song Makes Impact In Australia - The New York Times - 29th April 2008
Obama! What he must do to win by Noel Pearson - The Monthly Magazine - May 2008
A TIME TO TRY, A TIME TO CRY - The Canberra Times - 21st June 2008
Five steps get them off welfare- The Australian - 9th August 2008
Ban Aboriginal dole until 21, Noel Pearson pleads- The Australian - 22nd August 2008
Thinkers, take up the chalk- The Australian - 4th September 2008
Offer could aid people who need it- The Australian - 25th October 2008
Man with his work cut out>- The Australian - 8th November 2008
Oh Give Me a Home Where the Cowboys and Kangaroos Roam - The New York Times - 26th November 2008
Pip Starr: Passionate filmmaker left broken hearted by his subjects- The Age - 19th December 2008

Pause for thoughts - The Canberra Times - 31st January 2009
the hardest word - The Sunday Courier Mail - 7th February 2009
Living the Dream - The Sunday Hearld-Sun - 22nd February 2009
Good intentions never enough - The Canberra Times - 23rd February 2009
...but nothing for Aboriginal children - The Australian - 26th February 2009
Voices of dissent The Australian - 26th February 2009
Is the media part of the Aboriginal health problem, and part of the solution? - Inside Story - 3rd March 2009
Chronicler of a disaster foretold -by Marcia Langton - The Australian - 4th March 2009
PM puts price on children: professor - The Australian - 5th March 2009
Macklin extends intervention -by - The Australian - 6th March 2009
Council slams ACC inquiry -by - The Northern Territory News - 6th March 2009
Extension helps kids: Mundine - The Australian - 7th March 2009
Aborigines need action not ideology - Comment by Russel Skelton - The Age - 7th March 2009
NT alcohol laws a waste: police - The Age - 12th March 2009
Language ban blamed for Indigenous school attendance drop - The National Indigenous Times - 5th March 2009
Dancing with the scars - The Sydney Morning Herald - 14th March 2009
Veteran Aboriginal actor hopes to inspire the next generation - The Age - 21st March 2009
Starry, starry Nite - The Age - 23rd March 2009
Equality backed for 'new ATSIC' - The Australian - 25th April 2009
Story of deadly blood feud sparks $14m claim - The Australian - 25th April 2009
Remote love story wins hearts at Cannes - The Australian - 18th May 2009

The Incivility of Marcia Langton: - Quadrant - April 2010
Life of Brian - The Monthly - June 2010
Telling whites what they want to hear - Overland - 4th September 2010
Noel Pearson not our leader, say wild river men > - The Age - 30th September 2010
Inside the killing fields of Queensland - The Australian - 6th October 2010
Twiggy's indigenous job plan falls short - AAP - 1st November 2010

Langton backs Pearson referendum model - The Australian - 27th January 2011
State student turnout fails to make the grade> - The Courier Mail - 19th February 2011
Mad Marcia; The Nutty Professor - The Monthly - April 2011
Pearson backs Keating on native title reverse onus - The Weekend Australian - 4th June 2011
School sacks staff to pay back money for phantom students - The Australian - 8th June 2011
College offered finance lifeline - The Cairns Post - 28th June 2011
Noel Pearson to take control of school - AAP - 12th July 2011
Djarragun `rife with nepotism' - The Australian - 22nd August 2011
Crime check charges - The Australian - 23rd August 2011
Greens confront traditional owners on coalmine plan> - The Australian - 2nd September 2011
Cape leader has lifeline for indigenous college> - The Australian - 12th September, 2011
Djarragun College concerns - The Cairns Post - 16th September 2011
$25,000 for unfair dismissal - The Cairns Post - 28th September 2011
Symbolism is not enough: Pearson - The Age - 10th October, 2011
Abbott may be best hope on hot issue . . . on Noel time - The Age - 17th October 2011
Wild Rivers Act crushes Aborigines: Pearson - The Weekend Australian - 5th November, 2011
Pearson tagged `fly-in, fly-out' - The Australian - 16th November 2011
Police weigh charges on Djarragun `fraud'> - The Australian - 26th December, 2011
Enrolment failures attended to, Djarragun insists - The Australian - 27th December 2011

School open after fraud claims - The Australian - 24th January, 2012
Abbott holds race key: Pearson - The Australian - 10th February, 2012
Pearson family `has record of bullying' - The Australian - 23rd February, 2012
Legal spotlight on Hope Vale land deal: - Bullying tactics alleged - The Cairns Post - 23rd February, 2012
Doctor prevented infant mortality - Archie Kalokerinos obituary - The SMH - 17th March 2012
Britain destroyed records of colonial crimes - The Guradian - 18th April 2012
Dark Hearts > - The Guardian - 24th April 2012
Pearson yet to learn lessons of leadership - The Australian - 28th April 2012
Why I continue to be inspired by Pearson - The Australian - 5th May, 2012
Differences of opinion far from searing attack - The Weekend Australian - 12th May, 2012
Activist slams Cape reformer> - The Courier Mail - 28th May, 2012
Forrest pledged $3m to help Pearson take over Djarragun College - News.com - 30th May 2012
Djarragun College principal suspended pending police investigation - The Courier Mail - 9th June 2012
Top teacher stood down over 'ghosts' - The Courier Mail - 9th June, 2012
Indigenous funding wasted, mayors say - AAP - 7th May, 2012
Forrest pledged $3m to help Pearson take over Djarragun College - The Australian - 30th May, 2012
Djarragun fund error balloons - The Australian - 31st May, 2012
Trouble forgotten as indigenous school puts uni in sight of kids> - The Australian - 4th June, 2012
Pearson's plea over $5.5m bill rejected - The Australian - 25th June, 2012
Pearson denies phantom students cost millions - The Australian - 26th June, 2012
Labor call to lean on Newman - The Australian - 16 July, 2012
Probity of Pearson project under review - The Australian - 17th July, 2012
Cape Tribulations: Noel Pearson and the Welfare Reform Trial - The Monthly - August 2012
Pearson fights off cancer scare - The Australian - 6th August, 2012
Abbott's Cape York listening tour falls on deaf ears - The Tracker - 13th August 2012
Cape Crusader - The Sydney Morning Herald - 25th August 2012
Quieter, greyer, but unbowed: Pearson fights on - The Weekend Australian - 25th August, 2012
A zealot's fight to lift people up - The Weekend Australian - 25th August, 2012
The rise (and fall?) of Pearson, a 'product of the times' - Crikey.com - 30th August 2012
Cape trial extended - The Cairns Post - 1st September, 2012
New MP backs Pearson mode - The Australian - 20th September, 2012
Warren Mundine: Free agent - the Australian - 3rd November 2012
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