Repatriation and Museum Issues Index

Angel of Black Death - by David Monaghan - the Bulletin 12th November 1991
Repatriation: The search for Yagan - by Cressida Forde - National Museum of Australia
The Last Man: The mutilation ofWilliam Lanne in 1869 and its aftermath - pdf file - by Stefan Petrow - ABORIGINAL HISTORY 1997 VOl 21
British Museum Sold Benin Bronzes - Forbes Magazine 4th March 2002
Top museums unite to fight Aboriginal claims - Sydney Morning Herald - 11th December 2002
Is it altruism or the fear of losing their marbles? - The Sydney Morning Herald 28th December 2002
Egypt demands return of the Rosetta Stone - The Telegraph - 20th July 2003
Bones of contention - Globe Mail Canada 16th August 2003.
Ancestral bone bank at center of rights fight - Taipei Times 12th October 2003.
Joint Statement issued by the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew and the British Museum- UK - July 2004.
Minister weighs in to artefacts stoush - ABC - 20th July 2004.
Row erupts over Aboriginal artefacts - London Guardian 22nd July 2004
British museums up in arms after Aborigines grab loaned art - Classic FM Washington 26th July 2004.
Aborigines grab art on loan from Britain - London Times26th July 2004.
British museums spar with Aborigines over loaned art - The Peninsula Qatar 27th July 2004.
Aboriginal group ups ante on artefacts - AAP 29th July 2004.
Taking Aim at HunterGatherer Engalnd - Age 31st July 2004.
The British Museum Dispute - A Predictable Response from Andrew ("Just an Excitable Boy") Bolt - Herald Sun 4th August 2004.
Entr-Acte: For Olympics, Greeks already lose one contest - International Herald Tribune 5th August 2004.
Trial set in Aboriginal etchings dispute - AAP 10th November 2004
A bone to pick with museums - London Times - 16th January 2005
Antiquities wish list - Al Ahram - 20th July 2005
Greek and Aboriginal communities unite against British Museum - Neos Kosmos:English Edition - 13th December 2004
Zahi Hawass: A hat is a hat - Al Ahram - 25th August 2005
Aboriginal remains will be returned - Sydney Morning Herald - 7th October 2005
IInto Africa: British Museum's reply to ownership debate - The Guardian - 14th April 2006
British Museum Payout for Nazi art theft family - BBC - 28th April 2006
Museum lawyers claim bias - Sunday Age - 29th April 2007
Aborigines demand that British Museum returns Truganini bust - The Guardian - 16th September 2009
Embedded Anthropology and the Intervention - pdf file - essay by Barry Morris and Andrew Lattas - Arena: September 2010
Looted treasures returned to Afghanistan by British Museum - The Independent - 19th July 2012
Turkey turns to human rights law to reclaim British Museum sculptures - The Guardian - 9th December 2012
British Museum Faces Call for Repatriation of Artefacts - The Museum Journal - 2nd January 2013
Ill-gotten gains: how many museums have stolen objects in their collections? - The Verge - 13th May 2013
British Museum's Greek sculpture show expected to restart marbles row - The Guardian - 3rd July 2014
Repatriation for beginners - The Private Art Investor - 28th November 2014
Why are the Elgin marbles so controversial - and everything else you need to know - The Telegraph - 5th December 2014
Loan of Elgin Marble to Russia 'provocative and insensitive' - The Telegraph - 5th December 2014
Culture War: The Case Against Repatriating Museum Artifacts - Foreign Affairs Magazine December 2014
Forthcoming British Museum Exhibition - ABC News January 2014
Greeks in Melbourne Impressed by Aboriginal Academic's Lecture - Greek Reporter 9th march 2015
Barks and Marbles: One Cause: Greeks and First Australians unite over stolen sacred treasures - Neos Kosmos 16th March 2015
Reclaiming our cultural heritage: The burning cultural issue of the 21st century - Neos Kosmos 24th March 2015
Preservation or plunder? The battle over the British Museum's Indigenous Australian show - Guardian 9th April 2015
British Museum Exhibition Reignites Barks Debate - Museums Journal15th April 2015
Indigenous Australia at the British Museum: It's time to give the Aboriginal art back - The Independent 21st April 2015
Indigenous Australia, British Museum, review: 'all too familiar' - The Telegraph 21st April 2015
Aboriginal protests over plundered artefacts in British Museum - Elginism 20th April 2015
Protesters gatecrash exhibition launch over 'stolen culture' and BP sponsorship - BP or not BP 27th April 2015
Indigenous Australia exhibition at British Museum raises questions and criticism - Australian Times UK 27th April 2015
British Museum exhibition Indigenous Australia: Enduring Civilisation reignites repatriation debate - Sydney Morning Herald 1st May 2015
British Museum's Indigenous Australia exhibition draws crowds - the Australian 23rd May 2015
Enduring controversy: BP sponsorship ignites new row over British Museum's Indigenous exhibition - 21st July 2015
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