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The 1970s

Second Aboriginal Delegation to the Peoples Republic of China 1974

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1974 Delegation consisted of Gary Foley (leader) Evelyn Scott (Deputy Leader), Heather Sculthorpe, Pastor Frank Roberts,
Josie Briggs, Aileen Corpus, Gerry Bostock, Frank Martin, Marie Bennet, Wesley Lanapau and John Baya.
1974 Delegation

Media reports of 1974 China Delegation
Black Power: Aid from China? - November 1972
Blacks to tell China - 17th January 1974
Blacks off to China - 17th January 1974
Aborigines impressed by China - 28th January 1974
Aborigines in China look at communes - 28th January 1974
Aborigines find hope in China - 28th January 1974
Aborigines go "bush" in China - 12th February 1974
Aborigines may seek cash from Peking - 18th February 1974
The Right Reacts - "Money from China - 27th February 1974
Aboriginal : no racism in China - 18th March 1974

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