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The 1960s

The Great AAL Black Power Scare of 1969

The legendary visit to the Aborigines Advancement League by Roosevelt Brown in 1969

In late August 1969 an otherwise obscure Bermudan Parliamentarian (and Black Power advocate) Dr. Roosevelt Brown spent three days in Melbourne. On the invitation of an Aborigines Advancement League President Bob Maza and AAL employee, Bruce McGuinness, Dr Brown addressed a meeting and held a press conference at the at the AAL's suburban Northcote headquarters. The resultant uproar and media frenzy sparked Australia's first major 'Black Power' scare. The term 'Black Power' properly entered the Australian vernacular as a result of this specific controversy.

Below is an index of some of the significant media reports in the lead up to, during and after the Roosevelt Brown incident in chronological order. Click on the link to see full article.

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Aboriginals and Black Power - The Australian 24th April 1968
Black Power Warning by Perkins - The Australian 27th April 1968
Black Power Not a Threat Here - Meagher - The Herald 27th April 1968
He Fears Black Power - The Sun 15th June 1968
Racial War Idea 'Silly' - The Herald 15th June 1968
Black Power leader angers Pastor - The Mildura Sunraysia Daily 9th August 1969
Black Power help offer - The Herald 28th August 1969
Pastor Nicholls Hits At 'Black Power' - The Age 29th August 1969
Pastor Clashes With Black Power Man - The Sun 29th August 1969
Black Power Leader Challenged - Geelong Advertiser 29th August 1969
Black Power Not Wanted - Herald Editorial 29th August 1969
Black Power Here - Native - 29th August 1969
Cartoon The Herald - 29th August 1969
'Happy to Forget' That Visit The Herald - 30th August 1969
Yes, Black Power - But Not Violent The Age - 30th August 1969
Black Power Claim - 'Movement Is Here' The Burnie Advocate - 30th August 1969
Aboriginal Invited Black Power Man 'Because He Is Great' The Age - 30th August 1969
Meagher Hits Back At Black Power Leader The Ballarat Courier - 30th August 1969
Black Power - Victorians Are In For A 'Shock' The Hobart Mercury - 30th August 1969
'Hot Head' Blast on Black Power The Sun - 1st September 1969
Aborigines and Black Power The Catholic Advocate - 4th September 1969
Black Power Coming? - 'Already Here' Says leader The Sunday Observer - 14th September 1969
Black Power Can Help Us, Says Aboriginal The Australian - 15th September 1969
Nicholls Quits: Its Black Power The Age - 2nd October 1969
Aborigines Accept Black Power The Age - 3rd October 1969
Black Power Leader 'Uninvited' The Age - 11th October 1969
"Black Power" ideas give Aborigines new faith in selves The Tribune - 15th October 1969
Black Power Statement On The Sunshine Advocate - 30th October 1969
$40,000 and Black Power Fears The Age - 1st November 1969
Black Power Move Unwise The Australian - 15th November 1969
AAL Leaders Split on Race The Sunday Observer - 16th November 1969
Night of Black Power Failure The Age - 29th November 1969
Aborigines Preferred The Age - 31st january 1970
Black Power moves The Age - 26th March 1970
Bruce Hit the Headlines Over 'Black Power' The Northcote Leader - 17th June 1970
Aborigines to Attend Black Power Talks The Age - 1st August 1970
Aborigines to study in USA The Northcote Leader - 2nd August 1970
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