"There is no greater sorrow on earth than the loss of one's native land." - Euripides 431 B.C.


Tracker Magazine columns by Gary Foley 2011 -2012

In April 2011 Gary Foley began writing a regular column for Sydney-based Tracker Magazine.

The column is called The Contrarian and Tracker is published monthly by the NSW Aborignal Land Council.

Below is an index of all columns to date.

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Education Minister Pyne Opens a New Front in the History Wars - January 2014
Looking Back on 2013: A personal reflection - December 2013
Music, Mac and Malabar Mansion - October 2013
A Tale of Strange Bedfellows in History - September 2013
Warren Mundine: White Sheep of the Family? - August 2013
Brian Syron - Forgotten Aboriginal Hero of Theatre - July 2013
Reflections on People and History - June 2013
Time to Dream - Pioneer Aboriginal Filmmakers - May 2013
Liberation Thorugh Acquisition: The Prophet of Profit - 23 April 2013
Barks Bite the British Museum - 12th March 2013
Sloppy Journalism Reinforces White Myths - 14 February 2013
How Bob Hawke Killed Land Rights - January 2013
Memoriam to my Friend and Mentor: Bruce McGuinness - 10 October 2012
Black Power, Black Theatre and Black Humour - 19th August 2012
Black Power and Aboriginal Arts - 2nd August 2012
Reflections on 2012 NAIDOC and the 1972 Aboriginal Embassy - 15th July 2012
The Aptly Named W.C. Wentworth - First Minister for Aboriginal Affairs- 14th July 2012
How to Steal the Human Rights of Aboriginal People - 25th May 2012
Machiavelli Macklin or the Politics of Mediocrity? - 8th April 2012
White Myth-Making and the State of Denial - April 4, 2012
Eugenics, Melbourne University and Me - February 2012
False Idols and Broken Dreams - 1st February 2012
Learning from History: A Few Important Events of the 1950s - 26th October 2011
Learning from History: 1950s - Peak of the Assimilation Era- 19th September 2011
Learning from History: 1946 Pilbara Aboriginal Stockmen's Strike - October 2011
1930s: Era of Assimilation and Activism - September 2011
The Answer is a Better Knowledge of History 15th July 2011
Ode to Billy Hunter: Gary Foley's address to Bill Hunter Memorial Service, Princess Theatre, Melbourne - 26th May 2011
Freedom of Speech or Freedom to Denigrate?- May 2011
Of Spooks and Imaginary Plots: ASIO and the 1970s Black Power Movement - 7th April, 2011
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