A Gary Foley Reader


Works published by or about G. Foley

plus Filmography

Published Articles by Gary Foley

“Rose Coloured Glasses”, Black National U, Australian Union of Students (AUS),  Canberra, 1972.

“An Aborigine in the Peoples Republic of China”, New Dawn Magazine July-August, Sydney, 1974  Vol.5 No. 2  ISSN 0028-4513

“Worthy of Contempt”, Scrag student newspaper Vol.12 No.6 Sept, Melbourne, 1977

“Newsfront Hits the Headlines” Australasian Express, London, June, 1978.

“Blacks on Film in the 1970’s”, Identity Magazine Nov-Dec -Vol 3 No 11, Canberra, 1979

“P.E.R. Report Unveiled”, Aboriginal Medical Service Newletter -  Jan-Feb, Sydney, 1981

“V.A.H.S. Health Worker Education Prog: A Black Success Story”, Aboriginal Medical Service Newsletter - Jan, Sydney, 1983.

“Land Rights is Still the Basic Issue”, Daily Telegraph, Sydney, 13th August 1987.

“A Black Life”, Rolling Stone  Issue 426 - Yearbook, Sydney, 1988.

“Teaching Whites a Lesson”, in Burgmann, V. (ed), A Peoples History of Australia: Vol. 4 , Canberra, 1989.

“We Have Survived”, in Jack Davis & Mudrooroo Narogin (eds), Black Australian Writing , 1990.

“Aboriginal Medical Service - A Political History”, Redfern AMS - 20th Anniversary Book, Sydney, 1991.

“White Myths Damage Our Souls”, Age, Melbourne, 21st July 1993.

“The Barriers to a Black/White Accord”, Sydney Morning Herald, 21st July 1993.

“ATSIC - House of Cards”, Age, Melbourne, July 1995.

"Whiteness and Blackness in the Koori Struggle for Self-Determination", Just Policy: Journal of Australian Social Policy, Melbourne, 1999.

"Native Title is Not Land Rights", Farrago, University of Melbourne, 2000.

Publications Edited by G. Foley

Mureena- The Aboriginal Student Newspaper - (Melbourne) Vl.3N.3 August 1978

Aboriginal Medical Service Newsletter  (Redfern)  July-August Edition 1980

Aboriginal Medical Service Newsletter (Redfern) Sept.-Oct Edition 1980

Aboriginal Medical Service Newsletter (Redfern)  Jan- Feb Edition 1981

Victorian Aboriginal Health Service Newsletter (Fitzroy) April Edition 1981

Aboriginal Medical Service Newsletter (Redfern) Nov. 1981 - April 1982

Aboriginal Medical Service Newsletter (Redfern) April-September 1982

Aboriginal Medical Service Newsletter (Redfern) Sept-December Editon 1982

Victorian Aboriginal Health Service Newsletter (Fitzroy) Jan-Feb Edition 1983

Aboriginal Medical Service Newsletter (Redfern) January- May Edition 1983

Aboriginal Medical Service Newsletter (Redfern) August-September Edition 1983

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1972          “Ningla-Ana”                                            Dir. Alessandro Cavadini
                                                                                   Documentary 90 Min. 16mm

1973         “Basically Black”                                       ABC-TV 30min. B&W
                                                                                  Actor & Co-writer

1976          “Backroads”                                            Dir. Phil Noyce
                                                                                  60 min. Colour 16mm
                                                                                  Actor, Co-writer & Co-director

1978          “Buckeye & Pinto”                                    Dir. Phil Pinder
                                                                                   20 min. B&W 16mm

1982          “Going Down”                                           Dir. Hayden Keenan
                                                                                   90 min. Colour 16mm

1985?          “Dogs in Space”                                      Dir. Richard Lowenstein
                                                                                   100 min. 35mm
                                                                                   Actor & Script Consultant

1986            “Country Practice”                                   JNP Productions
                                                                                   6 X 1 hour Episodes
                                                                                   Actor & Script Consultant

1982           “Where the Green Ants Dream”                 Dir. Werner Herzog
                                                                                    100 min. 35mm
                                                                                     Script Consultant

1987          “Pandemonium”                                           Dir. Hayden Keenan
                                                                                     100 min. 16mm

1989 - 90  “A Country Practice”                                   JNP Productions/ HSV-7
                                                                                     eight episodes
                                                                                     Guest Lead

1990          “Flying Doctors”                                       Crawfords Productions
                                                                                   1 X 1 hour Episode
                                                                                   Lead Guest Role

Articles and Interviews Published

“Black Power”, by Gus De Brito, Daily Mirror Sydney, 22nd February 1972.

“The Changing Role of Aborigines in Modern Society”, Education feature - Melbourne Age,
  14th November 1972.

“Govt. Has Dropped Charges Over Native ‘Embassy’, article - Sydney Morning Herald
  26th January 1973

“Black Power Looms Larger - World supports Aborigines”, article - Age, 12th February 1973.

“Blacks To Tell China”, article - Age, 17th January 1974 .

“Aboriginals Find Hope in China”, AAP Beijing Correspondant - Sun, 28th January 1974.

“Black Control Motion Given White Backing”, Michael Ryan - Age, ? July 1974.

“Aborigine Says He Was Harassed at CRA Meeting”, article - Melbourne Age, 27th April 1977.

“Focus on the Outback”, Derek Malcolm on “Backroads” at Berlin Film Festival - Guardian (UK)
  3rd March 1978.

“False Image Being Given of Aborigines”, Colin Vaines - Screen International - Cannes Film Festival Edition, 21st May 1978.

“Film Review”, Derek Malcolm’s “Backroads” review - Guardian (UK), 17th August 1978.

“Dark Deeds Down Under”, Review of “Backroads”- London Evening News, 17th August 1978.

“Review”, Review of “Backroads” by M. Coleman -  New Statesman (UK), 18th August 1978.

“Australia”, V. Dignam reviews “Backroads” - London Morning Star, 18th August 1978.

“Down With the Dog Days”, Geoff Brown - London Financial Times (UK), reviews“Backroads”
  18th August 1978.

“Films”, David Robinson reviews “Backroads” - The Times (UK), 18th August 1978.

“One You Must See”, Philip Bergson - London Sunday Times (UK) - review of “Backroads”
  20th August 1978.

“Cinema”, Tom Milne reviews “Backroads”, London Sunday Observer (UK), 20th August 1978.

“Film Review”, Review of “Backroads” -  London Sunday Telegraph (UK), 20th August 1978.

“Grant Revives Black Studies”, Alan Rowe, Melbourne Herald, 26th September 1978.

“Aborigines Plead Case in Europe”, Report from Germany, Age, 30th August 1979.

“Blacks Hit at Probe Delay”, article - Melbourne Sun, 17th June 1980.

“Talks Open With a Challenge”, article - Age, 11th August 1980.

“Blacks Putting Case Overseas”, Mark Metherell - Age, 27th August 1980.

“Strong-willed Champion of the Aborigines”, David Hummerston - West Australian, 23rd January 1980

“Our Aim is to Spread Factual Information”, David Hummerston - West Australian, 24th January 1980

“Police Out to Get Us, Say Blacks”, Paul Robinson - Age, 16th February 1980.

“Aboriginal Rights...In Black and White.”, Melbourne Age, 19th August 1980.

“World Network Backs Blacks”, Mark Metherell - Age, 27th August 1980.

“Overseas Funds for Meeting”, article - Age, 2nd September 1980.

“Premier Warns: Outsiders Causing Hatred”, Article in West Australian, 6th September 1980.

“Aborigines Take Their Case to the World”, Tom Ballantyne - Sydney Morning Herald,  24th September 1980.

“Team in Search of Racism”, Janet Hawley - Age,16th June 1981.

“PM Should Clean Up Racism: Church Team”, article - Melbourne Sun, 19th June 1981.

“Aboriginal Melbourne - the activist”, Andree L’Strange - Age Weekender, 3rd July 1981.

“Bok-tour Death is Looming”, Report from New Zealand in Sun, 29th July 1981.

“What Have the Churches Got in Common with Gary Foley”, B.A. Santamaria - News Weekly
  5th August 1981

 “Aborigines Will Use Report Against PM”, David Hancock - Australian, 10th August 1981.

“Church Group Slams Neglect of Blacks”, Dedrie Macken - Age, 11th August 1981.

“The New Face of Aboriginal Protest”, John Fraser - Melbourne Sun, 14th August 1981.

“Why an 8-sided Church is Unnamed”, Alan Gill - Sydney Morning Herald, 19th August 1981.

“An Aboriginal Leader”, David McNicol item - Bulletin Magazine, 25th August 1981.

“Support for Aborigines - Vanuatu to raise WCC Report”, Canberra Times, 1st September 1981.

“Mugabe May Raise Plight of Aborigines”, Michael Boyle - Age, 23rd September 1981.

“Aborigines Harassed - Keefe”, The Advocate, 24th September 1981.

“Harassment of Aborigines Seen”, West Australian, 24th September 1981.

“The Unshakeable Black Conscience”, Janet Hawley - Age, 25th September 1981.

“Pressure Groups Line Up for a Week of Protest”, Michael Doyle - Age, 26th September 1981.

“After 200 Years...the Aborigines are Winning”, Graham Williams - Sydney Morning Herald
  29th September 1981

“Aboriginal leaders Protest Against Manipulation”, B.A. Santamaria, News Weekly, 30th September 1981.

“Aboriginal Activists Angry at ‘Honorary Whites’”, Michael Doyle - Age, 2nd October 1981.

“Black Asks Church for Property”, Louise Carbines - Age, 6th October 1981.

“Gary Foley Reiterates His Hostility to Christianity”, B.A. Santamaria, News Weekly, 7th October 1981.

“Church Critic Tempers Hostile Views”, Tony Ryan - See Journal of the Anglican Church No.170
  October 1981.

“Aboriginal ‘Embassy’ Anniversary”, Canberra Times, 26th January 1982.

“Alcoa Clash Nothing, Says Black Activist”, Melbourne Age, 26th January 1982.

“Demo Blood Fear”, Melbourne Age, 26th April 1982.

“Hawke Slams Black Group”, Dave Dawson - Daily Mirror Sydney, 4th October 1982.

“Aboriginals Deny Smear”, Kenneth Joachim - Herald, 14th August 1982.

“Aboriginal Seeks Enquiry (sic) into Commissioner’s Past Activities”, NT News, 15th September 1983.

“Aboriginal Arts Board to end ‘white tokenism’”, Rosslyn Beeby, Age, 5th November 1983.

“Gary Foley Plans to ‘Aboriginalise’ Arts Board”, Geraldine O’Brien, Sydney Morning Herald, 12th November 1983.

“Petrol Sniffing ‘Disaster’ Feared”, Barry Hailstone, Adelaide Advertiser, 21st July 1984.

“How Gary Foley is Giving Aboriginal Artists More Control”, Anthony Lambert - Australian Artist
  August 1984 edition.

“What They Did in Canberra”, Sydney Morning Herald, 14th May 1985.

"MP’s Give Blacks the Chop”, David Humphries, Melbourne Age, 14th May 1985.

“Buyers Warned About Exporting Aboriginal Art”, Melbourne Age, 18th June 1985.

“Aboriginal Policy Rift as Official Quits”, Sydney Morning Herald, 1st May 1987.

“Black Arts Chief Hits at Minister”,  Age, 1st May 1987.

“Aboriginal Activist Speaks Out in Anger”, Fiona Capp, Melbourne Age,  4th May 1987.

“Black Activist Criticises Perkins Over Claims on Funding”, Annette Young, Age, 16th August 1987

“Unheralded Champions of the Black Cause”, Sally Loane & Murray Hogarth - Times on Sunday
  30th August 1987.

“Ordinary Blacks Not Asked to Book Launch, Says Foley”, Annette Young, Age, 8th September 1987.

“Aboriginal Leader Gary Foley Talks Tough”, City Limits Magazine, (London, UK)12th November 1987.

“Black Protests Will Be Peaceful: Foley”, Ingrid Svendsen, Sydney Morning Herald,  26th November 1987.

“Who’s Who and What’s Up in the Land of Oz”, Cherry Ripe - Observer magazine (UK) 13th December 1987.

“Black Humour”, “Overflow Column”, Times on Sunday, (Sydney), 10th January 1988.

“It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to”, David Langsam, New Statesman (UK), 15th January 1988.

“Aborigines Cast a Shadow Over Australia’s Party”, Seth Mydans, New York Times (USA) page 2,
  26th January 1988.

“The Push for an Aboriginal Parliament”, Anne Jamieson, The Australian, 6th February 1988.

“Foley Appointed Consultant to the Muirhead Inquiry”, Tony Hewett - Sydney Morning Herald
  30th March 1988.

“Compact Bid to Save Face in ‘88: Activists”, Annette Young - Age, 22nd September 1988.

“Profile - Gary Foley”, Rod de Martin - On the Street newspaper (Sydney), 21st December 1988.

“Aborigine Admits ‘We Never Took Treaty Seriously’”, Anna Grutzner, Australian, 11th January 1989.

“TV Role for Activist”, Anna Grutzner - Australian 11th January 1989.

“Tracks to Bridge a Long Gap”, Roger Crosrhwaite - Sydney Daily Telegraph, 27th January 1989.

“An Unusual Preacher for ‘A Country Practice’”, Pat Bowring, Womans Day, 28th February 1989.

“Behind Gary Foley”, Pilita Clark - Good Weekend SMH Magazine, 11th March 1989.

“A Larrikin Grin Behind the Grim”, Josephine Flanagan, The Herald, 18th August 1989.

“Brave Face on Australia Council’s Brave New World”, Peter Cochrane - Sydney Morning Herald, 17th August 1990.

“Angry Words at School Kit Launch”, Julia Limb - Herald-Sun, 1st March 1991.

“Harold Recalls 20 years of Flag History”,  NAIDOC News, 1991.

“Gary Foley”, Doug Aiton Conversations ABC Books ISBN 0 7333 0058 8., 1991.

“Gary Foley”, Adrian Pisarski interviews GF, Twelve to Twenty Five Vol. 2 No.2. 1992.

“School Spared - for $1m”, Felicity Dargan, Herald-Sun, 9th December 1992.

“School Marked For Closure Wins Repreive”, David Bruce & Luke Slattery - Age, 10th December 1992.

“School in $1m Survival Fight”,Claire Heany & Felicity Dargan, Herald-Sun, 10th December 1992.

“The Fight Won, the Party Begins”, Martin Flanagan - Age, 10th December 1992.

“Interview with Gary Foley”, Alex Shtargot  Australian Jewish Democrat, 7th April 1993.

“The Mellowing of Gary X”, Martin Flanagan, Age, 20th March 1993.

“Bashing Raises Fears of Racial Antagonism”, Sue Neales - Age, 9th August 1993.

“Northlands Rejects Staff, Program Relocation”, Joanne Painter Age, 17th September 1993.

“Ruling to Save School - Re-open college order”, Claire Heany, Herald-Sun 8th December 1993.

“Board Orders College Reopened”, Carolyn Jones - the Australian, 8th December 1993.

“Kooris Jubilant Over Northland Reprieve”, Gareth Boreham - Age, 8th December 1993.

“Two Rebel Fires Put Out But Education Cauldron Still Bubbles”, Joanne Painter, Age, 13th December 1993.

"Foley: MP’s Broke Legal Aid Vow”, David Jarvis - Herald-Sun, 24th June 1994.

“A Fireside Chat with Gary Foley”, P. Jewel & C. Davies - Victorian Planning News Vol.19  No.6
  August 1993.

“Locked -out Northland Students to try again”, Farah Farouque, Jo Painter & Lyn Dunleavy - Age
  21st January 1994.

“Staff, Students Face New Battle With Old Defiance”, Joanne Painter - Age, 25th January 1994.

“Police Lock Out School Rebels”, Peter Weekes - the Australian, 26th January 1994.

“Art on the Move”, Helen Barlow - Medical Observer, 18th March 1994.

“Aborigines Say Court Verdict is a Victory”,  Norrie Ross - Herald-Sun,   4th August 1994.

“Aborigines Hail Northland Ruling”, Christopher Richards - Age, 5th August 1994.

“Black Funding a ‘Gigantic Fraud’”, Sydney Morning Herald, 27th August 1994.

“Northland Backers Withdraw from Talks”,  Herald-Sun, 2nd September 1994.

“Funding a Huge Fraud: Foley”,  Koori Mail,  7th September 1994.

“Govt Blasted Over Koori Schools”,  Koori Mail, 7th September 1994.

“Kooris Warn on $30mil Claim”, Felicity Dargan, Herald-Sun, 26th September 1994.

“Black Support Call on Schools”, Felicity Dargan, Herald-Sun, 28th September 1994.

“College Closure Hit Kooris: Foley”,  Joanne Painter - Age, 1st October 1994.

“Northland Our Only Chance, Say Students”, Felicity Dargan, Herald-Sun, 4th October 1994.

“Northland Vows to Fight On”, Wade Pearce & John Dubois, Preston Post-Times, 20th December 1994.

“Police Remove School Workers”, K. Hansen & N. Ross, Herald-Sun, 21st December 1994.

“The Principle Behind the Closed Doors”, Shane Green - Age, 27th December 1994.

“Govt Condemned Over Northland”,  Koori Mail, 25th January 1995.

“Northland Wins the Fight to Stay Open”, Peter Gregory, Jo Painter & Nicole Brady - Age, 18th February 1995.

“Students Win Northland Battle”, Norrie Ross - Herald-Sun 18th February 1995.

“School Victory an Important Lesson”, Norrie Ross - Herald-Sun, 18th February 1995.

Reports Published

  “Foley Report on Aboriginal Health in South Australia”
  7th May 1984 - Commissioned by Hon. Dr. J.C. Cornwall, SA Minister for Health
  Approx. 100,000 words